Gain Recertification Points from Your Conferences

July 14, 2016

Gain Recertification Points from Your ConferencesConference season is well underway. If you hold a BCSP certification and have attended a safety conference it is likely that you have earned Recertification Points. Using your My Profile login, you can record these points in the Certification Management System’s Recertification section.

Most safety-related conferences conducted by BCSP Sponsoring Organizations are acceptable for Recertification points. This includes topics offered in lecture halls. Regional, state, local, and many employer-sponsored conferences qualify for Recertification points as well, if at least 50% of the conference program is safety-related.

Points awarded for conference activities are one (1) per one (1) Continuing Education Credit (CEU) or, if the conference does not award CEUs, 0.50 points per day. CEUs must comply with standards set by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). To receive credit for a day’s attendance, time spent at the conference that day must be at least six (6) or more hours.

When you record your Recertification Points it is not required that you upload documentation of your conference attendance, but you should keep such documents. These must include the name of the conference, sponsoring organization, date(s) of attendance, and proof of attendance. Documents that provide this information could include certificates of attendance, registration receipts, canceled checks, hotel receipts, airline tickets, or similar paperwork indicated in the publication Acceptable Recertification Support Documentation. When you are required to recertify and have submitted your online Recertification Worksheet to BCSP, you may be audited, at which point you will need to provide these documents.

Further details on Recertification can be found on the Recertification webpage or in the Recertification Guide.

Enjoy your conferences, learn, and keep on showing others why you are #CertifiedtoProtect.