BCSP Self-Assessments

Evaluate how ready you are for your exam.

BCSP’s online self-assessments assist you in determining your level of knowledge in each subject area of a certification’s exam. Each certification has its own self-assessment.

Why Use Self-Assessments?

Candidates can utilize the online self-assessment to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, and test-taking pace.

Each certification’s self-assessment is designed to make it easy for you to assess your knowledge of the subjects on the certification’s examination blueprint. No question in the online self-assessment will appear on the actual examination. The online self-assessment is not an exam training or preparatory tool, but the evaluation it provides allows you to plan your study accordingly.

Each Self-Assessment Includes:

  • References and calculations for each question
  • The examination’s blueprint and blueprint references
  • Your assessment results and historical results
  • Six months of online access, renewable

Assess. Study. Get Certified.