Ongoing Professional Development

Those holding BCSP certifications must show continued competence as part of the Recertification Program. Every five years, certificants must earn recertification points from activities outlined in the Recertification Guide. The activities, organized into specific categories, emphasize staying current in the profession through continued education and learning, supporting continued competence and professional development. Certificants can log their activities in the Recertification section of their online My Profile account, saving it for submission at the end of their recertification cycle.


Recertification cycles normally extend five years, beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31. For those just achieving certification, the first cycle is longer than five years. It begins the day you become certified and ends on December 31 of the fifth full year following the start of your cycle. Those who fill out a Recertification Worksheet for their first cycle (over five years) can claim points from all activities during that cycle, but must abide by maximum points allowed in each category.

This five-year cycle is based on the rate at which practice changes. BCSP has determined that five years is a reasonable period to measure the activities in which a certificant engages to remain up-to-date with current trends in practice.

Tracking Recertification Points

You are responsible for keeping track of your own activities and recertification points with supporting documentation. Materials that support your activity claims are detailed in BCSP’s Acceptable Recertification Support Documentation publication.

Create a file for all Recertification materials. It is very important to establish a personal procedure for tracking activities that meet your recertification requirements. You should review and update your records at least once a year.

Record your activities online. Track activities and recertification points earned when you login to My Profile. You will find you have access to a Recertification Worksheet. The activities you record will be saved, making it easy to enter them at any time. Recertification Worksheets can be submitted from July 1 of your reporting year through the deadline of March 1 of the following year.

Retain original documentation supporting your claims for points. You will be required to submit your recertification support documentation if you are selected for audit. If you are audited, BCSP requests verification of activities and points claimed. It is then you would submit the material detailed in the Acceptable Recertification Support Documentation publication.

Recertification with Multiple Certifications

If you hold multiple BCSP certifications, you may recertify for the certification requiring the most recertification points and Certification Services will apply those points to your other certifications.*

*Note that the CET requires a minimum of 2.8 points in Category 7 for teaching, developing, and/or attending courses on instructional techniques that must be submitted with recertification activities if you wish to recertify for the CET.

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