BCSP examCORE In-Person

A live safety certification prep course, examCORE In-Person provides an engaging format in which to review the knowledge and skills found in BCSP’s certification exam blueprints.

BCSP examCORE In-Person offers certification exam preparation to groups in a live, interactive session over the course of several days. The in-person format provides engaging study sessions in which to review the safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) knowledge and skills that keep workplaces safe—and which are covered in BCSP’s various certification exam blueprints.

The examCORE curriculum is grounded in the subject matter of BCSP certification exam blueprints, BCSP exam references, and the latest in international safety and health standards. To ensure impartiality, BCSP utilizes subject-matter experts for the development of the examCORE program and products who are independent from the certification examination development process.

Get support for the safety, health, and environmental knowledge and skills you need.


Benefits of examCORE In-Person

  1. A two-day (STS, STSC) learning course
  2. Access to an online Guided Notebook (45 days)
  3. Access to BCSP’s online Self-Assessment (45 days)
  4. Live instruction from an experienced instructor

Train Your Team

Organizations may host examCORE In-Person prep sessions to ensure team members’ participation in building SH&E skills, provide a path to certification, and improve their safety culture.

Join Us for an In-Person Session

Prepare for your safety certification exam by joining a planned exam prep course facilitated by expert instructors. BCSP examCORE hosts examCORE In-Person prep sessions for several of our certifications throughout the year.

Planned sessions can be viewed below.

Upcoming examCORE In-Person Sessions

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