Onsite Exam Delivery

BCSP can deliver and proctor certification exams at your chosen location.

Enhance your organization’s safety culture through Onsite Exam Delivery (OED). We will work with you to deliver and proctor BCSP certification exams to a group of candidates at a time and place convenient for you and your team.

OED mirrors a test center experience to the greatest extent possible, maintaining the security, fairness, and validity of BCSP certification exams and ensuring those who achieve certification are ready to meet, and exceed, standards for safety practice.

Benefits of Onsite Exam Delivery

  1. Engage your team, organizing examination(s) at your location and according to your schedule.
  2. Allows multiple candidates (from 5-30) to sit for an exam at the same time.
  3. Candidate results are available immediately following the exam.
  4. The onsite exam can be scheduled following an examCORE In-Person exam prep course.

OED does not require participation in an examCORE In-Person prep course. To ensure impartiality, BCSP utilizes subject-matter experts for the development of the examCORE program and products who are independent from the certification examination development process.


  1. Onsite exam delivery in the U.S. must be scheduled 45-60 days in advance. Delivery outside the U.S. must be scheduled more than 60 days in advance.
  2. The host organization must pay an administration fee, in advance, as well as proctor expenses.
  3. The host organization must provide an appropriate testing room.

Request OED using the button below for further details on requirements and to set up exam administration.

Accelerate the improvement of your safety culture with Onsite Exam Delivery.

Certify Your Team. Improve Your Safety Culture.