What to Expect When Sitting for a BCSP Exam

Familiarize yourself with procedures and policies to make for a smooth exam day experience

September 15, 2022

You’ve purchased and scheduled your BCSP exam. You’ve studied, and you’re ready to go. Now it’s exam day. What should you expect?

Maybe you’re entering a testing center for the first time, or perhaps you’ve previously taken a BCSP exam. Either way, you’ve already invested a lot in this. You want to make sure you are fully prepared and in the best frame of mind to achieve success.

Make sure to thoroughly read through the BCSP Examination Information and Pearson VUE Helpful Resources for information specific to BCSP exams and Pearson VUE testing centers. By being prepared, you can ease anxiety on exam day.

These 10 reminders cover some of the most common issues that arise at testing centers …

1. Upon arrival, you must present your government-issued ID with photograph and signature. Ensure the name on your ID matches exactly your name on file with BCSP. If there is any discrepancy on testing day, you will not be able to sit for the exam. Also make sure your ID has not expired.

2. You will be asked to read and sign the Pearson VUE Candidate Rules Agreement when you arrive.

3. Be aware you will not be permitted to bring food or drinks into the testing room.

4. You can take self-scheduled breaks during your exam (the exam clock does not stop), provided you remain in the building (or the part of the building controlled by Pearson VUE). You will not be permitted to leave the building or access your personal belongings during your exam.

5. Once seated at the computer, you will be presented with a security and confidentiality agreement and the BCSP Code of Ethics. You must agree to both of these in order to continue to the exam. You will then have the opportunity to take a brief tutorial to familiarize you with the features of the testing environment. The exam questions will be presented, each with a question with four possible answers. Each question has only one best answer.

6. You will be provided an on-screen calculator, emulating the TI-30XS scientific calculator. You will also have access to a white board and dry erase marker. The testing center will not provide a physical calculator or permit candidates to bring their own.

7. For any question requiring a mathematical formula, the formula will be included within the exam question (unless the question is specifically testing your knowledge of a formula). You will not be provided or permitted to bring a formula sheet. (If you took a BCSP exam more than a few years ago, this policy and the calculator policy have changed.)

8. Roughly 12% of the questions on your exam are beta questions BCSP is piloting for potential use in future exams. These questions are unscored and will not count toward your pass/fail result. They will be integrated among the scored questions and will not be identified as beta questions.

9. You can view your score report on your Pearson VUE account after the exam.

10. Accommodations are available based on physical, mental, or emotional needs in accordance with federal law (ADA/ADAAA). If you desire to request an accommodation, email accommodations@bcsp.org before scheduling your exam. These accommodations must be pre-approved. You cannot request them at the testing site.

Test anxiety is real. If you read all the materials you are provided, you will be prepared for the testing experience. If you encounter a problem at the testing center, remain calm to give yourself the best chance to be successful. Remember that as a current or future credential holder, your conduct represents BCSP.