Marking a Decade of the National Safety Stand-Down

OSHA continues to bring awareness to fall hazards and controls

April 20, 2023

Ladders. Scaffolding. Roofing. They’re prerequisites for most construction projects. With their help, crews build everything from homes to skyscrapers.

But working at heights naturally poses dangers. So much so that fall controls and proper procedures are part of nearly every BCSP examination blueprint.

A decade ago, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) coordinated the first National Safety Stand-Down for fall prevention to bring greater recognition of the hazards associated with working at heights. Now in its 10th year, the 2023 event is scheduled for the week of May 1-5.

There is still more work to do when it comes to fall prevention. Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2021 revealed 378 worker deaths from falls at construction sites, accounting for more than a third of all fatalities in the industry.

So it’s time once again to stand down.

What exactly does that look like? It’s simply a break from normal work activities to talk with employees about fall hazards and reinforce the need for prevention and controls. It serves as a reminder to revisit safety plans and identify any new fall hazards.

OSHA provides resources with guidance for mitigating those types of hazards, materials for education and training, and tips for hosting your own Stand-Down event.

Make plans to participate this year, and share your Stand-Down stories on social media, tagging your posts with #StandDown4Safety.