FAQ Regarding BCSP Retesting Policy for Candidates

July 2, 2018

What is the Exam Retesting Policy?
Candidates who do not pass the BCSP certification exam will be required to wait six (6) weeks before they are able to retake the exam.

When does the new policy go into effect? 
The Exam Retake Policy goes into effect on July 2, 2018. Exams scheduled before July 2 are NOT affected by the new policy.

Why is BCSP changing their Exam Retesting Policy? 
There are numerous reasons why the Board has enacted the policy, including:

  • To improve fairness in the exam process.
  • To ensure exam performance most accurately reflects the candidate’s knowledge.
  • To ensure accreditation guidelines are upheld.
  • To ensure that BCSP certificants continue to represent a high standard in safety certification.

What do I need to know about taking my certification exam and managing my eligibility time period?

If less than six (6) weeks remain in your eligibility period and you fail an exam, you will not be able to retake the exam without purchasing an extension (see next question).

What if I run out of time? 
BCSP allows a one (1) year extension to your exam eligibility time period. If you do not pay for the extension or if you do not pass your certification exam during your eligibility extension, you will have to reapply as a new candidate, fulfilling all the requirements of the certification application. BCSP allows only one (1) eligibility extension per application.

What if I want to purchase the Exam Bundle?

You must have at least thirteen (13) weeks left on your eligibility time clock to purchase the Exam Bundle.

If I purchased an Exam Bundle do I have to wait six (6) weeks between exam sittings? 

Yes, you will need to wait the six (6) week period before sitting for the exam if you plan on taking the exam more than once. If you find you are not able to use your second attempt, please contact BCSP for options.