Digital Badges and Credential Holder Directory Mark BCSP’s 50th Anniversary

March 18, 2019

Digital Badges and Credential Holder Directory Mark BCSP's 50th AnniversaryAs part of BCSP’s ongoing mission to advance the safety profession, and in celebration of BCSP’s 50th anniversary, digital badges and a new Credential Holder Directory have been created and are now available for use.

The digital badges prominently display achievement of a BCSP certification or designation, provide a convenient method of verification, allow easy access to information about the value of the holder’s credentials, and are free to use.

The new Credential Holder Directory is integrated with the digital badges and provides access to each certificant’s badge profile. Users may now search for certificants based on the specialties and industries they have chosen to list in their profile. By integrating the directory and digital badges, certificants will be able to greatly extend the reach of their professional information and accomplishments in the safety field.

The digital badges are available for use in email, social media, web pages containing credential holders’ information, and more. A badge is available for each credential. Viewers are able to click on the badge for more information regarding the credential and the certificant.

Along with status confirmation, the digital badges contain a description of the merits of each certification or designation, the holder’s certification number, date issued, recertification cycle dates, and expiration date. The badges also contain a list of the requirements needed to earn each certification, communicating the various qualifications and efforts needed to obtain and maintain each certification or designation.

“This new tool will help strengthen awareness of safety certification, provide recognition for both BCSP credentials and credential holders, protect the validity of certification, and deliver further value to our certificants,” says BCSP’s Chief Executive Officer, Treasa Turnbeaugh, PhD, MBA, CSP, ASP, CET, CAE, IOM.

Credential holders may access their digital badges by visiting bcsp.org, signing in to My Profile, and selecting “My Badge(s)” from the menu. The Credential Holder Directory is available at directory.bcsp.org.