BCSP Provides Additional Benefits to U.S. Army Service Members

We are Proud to Support You in Protecting Others

June 2, 2020

BCSP Provides Additional Benefits to U.S. Army Service MembersBCSP certifications recently met the Army Credentialing Assistance Program’s approval for new recognition which allows U.S. Army service members to apply for, study for, achieve, and maintain BCSP certifications at no personal cost.

As the premier safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) credentialing organization, BCSP offers U.S. military members a variety of options to pursue or strengthen careers in safety. These include waivers of our certifications’ application fees and methods of paying for certification examinations with your benefits.

The Army Credentialing Assistance Program’s inclusion of BCSP greatly expands opportunities for military service members, as they gain access to funds for BCSP examCORE pre-exam trainings, certifications’ annual renewal fees, BCSP recertPRO, those previously listed, and others.

In total, Army service members have access to over $4,000 for valuable SH&E training and certification at no out-of-pocket cost.

Guidance on how these benefits are accessed can be found on the Army Credentialing Assistance Program’s webpage.

Use the buttons below to learn more about all the benefits BCSP offers U.S. military service members and to access your credentialing assistance. You have been made Army Strong; we hope you will join us in using that strength to continue to protect our loved ones and send them home safely every day.

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