BCSP Global Learning Summit Connecting the World

How is the GLS is impacting safety locally and internationally?

March 16, 2022

Janice Green, CSP is dedicated to improving the working conditions of people around the world. “Living in a developing country like Jamaica, with limited resources, we pattern our health and safety policies and systems from bigger industries in developed countries,” she says.

Safety is important to Green because of how it impacts all other business processes in the workplace because, as she explains, “People are at the heart of business success, and without a healthy physical, social, and mental environment, profits or surplus will not be realized. People feeling physically safe at work, while their health and well-being is secured, guarantees a positive work culture.”

In her session OSH Systems for Developing Countries: International Collaborations Essential, to be presented at the BCSP Global Learning Summit (GLS), Green will be addressing how a global pandemic like COVID-19 calls for a global response and what we can all learn from that to improve safety practices.

Green’s goal is to impart a set of resilient leadership practices, including:

  1. Modelling the way,
  2. Inspiring a shared vision,
  3. Challenging processes, and
  4. Enabling others to act.

“These skills are needed to help safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) professionals in developing countries influence leaders to get international collaboration,” says Green. She adds: “The sharing of critical information by subject matter experts on legal and other current issues impacting and affecting the industry both locally, and internationally, is necessary to ensure sustainability of SH&E practices in a continuously changing world of work.”

“From this perceptive, participating in the GLS is important to me.”

OSH Systems for Developing Countries: International Collaborations Essential will be presented on Wednesday, May 11, at 9 a.m. (Eastern Time). The complete agenda and registration for the BCSP GLS can be found at BCSPGLS.COM.