7 Steps to Safety Certification

Achieve safety certification through these steps, proving your value through the process of application, examination, achievement, and recertification.

1. Pick a Certification Right for YOU

Whether you are in the construction field or industrial hygiene, your safety skills can be recognized with a BCSP certification. Based on your knowledge, job duties, education, and work experience you can earn a certification that meets your needs and enhances your career.

2. Meet the Education Requirement

The education requirement varies for each certification. Certifications that require a college degree require that degree be from an accredited university recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The Certified Safety Professional® (CSP®) also requires a BCSP-qualified credential, in addition to its education requirement.

*Degrees earned outside the U.S. will be evaluated for equivalency. Details on the documentation required, requested during the application process, can be found online here.

3. Meet Work Experience Requirement

Just as the education requirement, the experience requirement varies for each certification. For instance, the CSP® requires 4 years of work experience whereas the Associate Safety Professional® (ASP®) requires 1 year of work experience.

4. Apply Online

Click My Profile to create an account and begin the application process. After completing the application process, BCSP’s Certification Services Department will review your application and notify you when your application is approved.

5. Purchase Your Exam

Log in to My Profile and select “Purchase Exam” from the menu. Candidates will have one year once their application has been approved to purchase, schedule, and sit for examination. You may purchase an exam or an exam bundle at any time during your one-year eligibility.

6. Sit for Your Exam

After the exam is purchased, you will receive an examination authorization notice that is used to schedule the exam through Pearson VUE testing centers. Examinations are delivered via computer. As soon as candidates submit their exam, results are available. Download the Pearson VUE brochure for more information.

7. Meet Recertification Requirements

Once you pass the examination, BCSP will award you the certification you earned. To maintain your certification, an annual fee is required, and certificants must remain up-to-date with changes in professional practice by compiling recertification points every five years. Visit the recertification page for more information.