Workplace Safety and Certification

Make Safety a Value in Your Organization

Safety is not just the absence of incidents, but it is work performed in a way that reduces hazard and risk across the organization. Organizations that invest in safety benefit from safety.

  • Safety is engaging
    Those who demonstrate a commitment to safety often see increases in worker engagement and morale. Studies show that supervisors who place a high value on safety achieve greater levels of safety compliance from their workers than do supervisors who are perceived to place a low value on safety.
  • Safety is efficient
    By employing certified safety practitioners, an organization is integrating specialists who connect safety with organizational performance for maximum stakeholder value.
  • Safety is effective
    By preventing incidents and injury through workplace planning, training, and hazard mitigation, company-wide goals are achieved and projects are completed on budget and on schedule.

Build a Strong Safety Culture with BCSP Certifications

To build a strong safety culture, an organization’s team must own the responsibilities they each have for safety. BCSP provides a comprehensive set of safety certifications that ensure team members have the knowledge and skills they require. These certifications build safety leadership at every level, creating and maintaining an organization whose members share a strong safety culture.

Organizations that value safety can use BCSP’s Group Management tools as part of their safety program to sponsor team members’ safety certification and gain recognition as a Certification Sponsor.

Group Management includes:

  • Access to the Group Management program, allowing a Group Account Manager to:
    • Sponsor groups of applicants and exam candidates through convenient group organization and payment
    • Track sponsored credential holders’ status
    • Pay sponsored credential holders’ renewal fees in one payment
  • Access to Workforce Development Scholarships offered by the BCSP Foundation
  • Recognition as a Certification Sponsor in BCSP media

Organizations that use safety certification as a regular component of their safety program may also utilize Onsite Exam Delivery (OED) to have BCSP deliver and proctor certification exams to groups of candidates at times and locations most convenient.

Learn more in our Building an Organizational Safety Culture ebook and contact us to start strengthening your safety culture today!


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Using Safety Certifications in the Workplace
Information for Sponsors and Sponsored Applicants
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Invigorate your company’s support of your certification with this downloadable sample letter, or suggest they begin a safety certification sponsorship program with this downloadable sponsorship letter.


Safety Certification Sponsors

Organizations that demonstrate they hold safety as a value by investing in safety certification are recognized as BCSP Safety Certification Sponsors.