Certified Instructional Trainer® (CIT®)

The Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT) is a certification held by those with experience and expertise in developing, designing, and delivering safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) training.


Application Process

Exam Training

Safety training at this level is virtually in every industry including manufacturing, petroleum production and refining, and construction. A CIT may hold positions at the manager, director, technician, or supervisory level and may have other duties in addition to training.

Certified Instructional Trainer® (CIT®)


  1. At least 135 hours of teaching, training, or development in any SH&E specialty
  2. Pass the CIT examination
  3. Maintenance of certification
    1. Pay annual renewal fee
    2. Meet recertification requirements

    CIT Exam Preparation, Application, and Examination

    Apply for CIT certification, use BCSP examCORE as your CIT study guide, and find information on the certification’s examination by using the buttons below.