Associate Safety Professional® (ASP®)

Associate Safety Professionals (ASP) are safety practitioners who have proven knowledge of safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) fundamentals. Earning your ASP shows others you are serious about safety, confirms your knowledge and skills, and advances your career. The ASP meets the credential requirement for the Certified Safety Professional® (CSP®).


Application Process

Exam Training

An ASP may hold positions at the technical level or program management level and may directly supervise employees. Your knowledge of safety concepts and expertise in fundamental safety assurance methodologies can make you a key member of a project, operational, or design team. An ASP may be called upon to coordinate safety activities, conduct basic safety analyses, identify hazardous situations, and recommend or oversee implementation of risk reduction measures.

Associate Safety Professional® (ASP®)


  1. Will have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any field or an associate in safety, health, or the environment*
      • The associate degree must include at least four courses with at least 12 semester hours/18 quarter hours of study in the safety, health, or environmental domains covered in the ASP examination blueprint
  2. Will have one (1) year of safety experience where safety is at least 50%, preventative, professional level with breadth and depth of safety duties
  3. Must pass the ASP examination
  4. Maintenance of certification
      • Annual renewal fee
      • Recertification requirements

Applicants must also disclose if they have been convicted of offenses or have had a professional license or credential suspended, revoked, or placed under probation. BCSP keeps this information confidential but may deny an application based on these matters.

*When applying for the ASP with a degree from a college outside the United States, that degree will be evaluated for U.S. equivalency. Details on the documentation required, requested during the application process, can be found online here.

      ASP Exam Preparation, Application, and Examination

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