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The Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) Certification Program

The Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) certification provides a means for employers to verify safety and health knowledge of first-line supervisors, managers, and any other person with safety responsibilities. The program requires applicants to meet minimum education and experience requirements and demonstrate knowledge of basic safety and health standards and practices.

The STS certification program is intended for individuals who:

  • Are managers at any level.
  • Are first line supervisors of work groups or organization units.
  • Have a safety responsibility for a work group that is part of other work duties.

    Typical candidates have a safety responsibility that is adjunct, collateral or ancillary to their job duties. Their main job duties are in a craft or trade, in leadership, supervision or management, or in a technical specialty. If safety responsibilities involve a greater portion of job duties, the role is more likely to be that of a safety technician/technologist or safety professional.

    The typical STS helps an employer implement safety programs at the worker level through supervisory, safety committee or similar safety and health leadership roles. Safety tasks often include monitoring for job hazards, helping ensure regulatory compliance, training employees in safety practices, performing safety record keeping tasks, coordinating corrections for safety problems within or among work groups, and communicating with safety specialists or management.

    The STS program is nationally accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

    Eligibility and Examination

    To gain eligibility for a STS examination, you must be of good moral character and meet the following requirements:

    • Have completed 30 hours of formal safety training through a single course or multiple training courses.
    • Have either two (2) years supervisory experience or four (4) years of work experience related to the STS industry exam for which you are applying (work experience must be a minimum part-time [18 hrs/week] to qualify).

      To achieve the STS certification, you must pass a Safety Trained Supervisor examination. STS examinations are offered by computer at Pearson VUE testing center locations around the world every business day. The examination contains 100 multiple-choice questions and candidates have two hours to complete it.

      Please refer to the STS Candidate Handbook for eligibility details, application instructions, examination blueprints, and information on testing centers.

      Choice of Examination

      Starting in 2004, the STS examination program features workers in facility services, health care social assistants, administrative and support management, pest control, lawn care repair and maintenance. Those individuals who pursue this program generally work in transportation, utilities and manufacturing. This examination program requires a supervisor to demonstrate his or her understanding of the principles and practices of supervision in the context of safety.

      The STS-Construction examination program is the first of the STS programs and has been in existence since 1995. The program is intended for managers, first-line construction supervisors, superintendents, foremen, crew chiefs, and craftsmen who have responsibilities to maintain safe conditions and practices on construction job sites.

      Currently, we have over 6,000 individuals who actively hold STS certification.

      STS Review and Study Sources

      Because candidates for BCSP examinations often ask where to locate review courses and study materials, BCSP maintains a list strictly as a courtesy. For a detailed list, click on the Review and Study Sources page.

      There are important changes that will affect our certification processes in the fourth quarter of 2014.

      Find the most recent details on changes to certification processes and/or requirements in the BCSP Current Changes Index.

      STS Sponsorship Program

      Any organization such as a union, construction firm, project owner or government agency, can join the Sponsorship Program. Organizations who joined the program say it has given them a competitive edge and helped promote safety awareness and training. Read More.

      STS: Proven Value for Your Company

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      The Value of Safety

       style=If you represent an organization that would like to use BCSP certification to foster an effective, efficient, and engaging safety culture in your work, please visit our Business Development page The Value of Safety.