What does it mean to be a Qualified Equivalent Program (QEP)?

A QEP is a curriculum-based certificate, diploma, or international degree program in the safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) field that has had its program curriculum reviewed by BCSP and has been found to be a substantial match to the current Associate Safety Professional® (ASP®) examination blueprint.

Individuals who complete a program from a QEP are eligible to apply for the Transitional Safety Practitioner (TSP), one of several BCSP-approved credentials that meets the Certified Safety Professional’s® (CSP’s®) credential requirement. It is only available to individuals from programs which meet BCSP QEP standards.

What are the benefits of becoming a QEP?

  • Being a QEP distinguishes your SH&E program from other programs.
  • BCSP gives special recognition to QEPs on our website.
  • Individuals who complete your QEP program and apply for the TSP designation are provided additional benefits and recognition for their advancement in safety practice.

What are the benefits to an individual who becomes a TSP?

  • A waiver of the ASP examination requirement for CSP eligibility.
  • Recognition for being on a path toward the CSP certification.
  • Recognition for the level of preparation for professional safety practice.
  • A certificate awarding the TSP designation.
  • Access to BCSP Career Center and eSafetySource.

How does an SH&E program get on the QEP list?

Curriculum-based SH&E certificate, diploma, or international degree programs may contact BCSP and request their SH&E program be reviewed against the current ASP examination blueprint.

The credential-awarding institution must submit program information and a list of required courses in the curriculum with the corresponding detailed syllabi.

What is the cost to the institution for becoming a QEP?

There is no cost to the institution for either a program review or to become a QEP. However, the process of review will be repeated with each ASP exam blueprint revision.

Qualified Equivalent Programs (QEPs)

  • CP-12 Professional Certificate in Safety and Occupational Health, U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center (ACRC); Applicable January 1, 2010-Present
  • Master in Occupational Safety and Health from University of Turin, Italy and the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO); Applicable July 1, 2014-Present

The Transitional Safety Practitioner (TSP)

The Transitional Safety Practitioner (TSP) Is a designation available to individuals who complete a program which meets BCSP Qualified Equivalent Program (QEP) standards.

Find out more on the TSP webpage.

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