Beta Examinations

As part of updating or creating new certification exams, BCSP will occasionally offer beta examinations.

What are Beta Examinations?

A beta exam is a new version of a certification’s exam that is in development. BCSP updates its certifications’ examinations every few years in accordance with changes in safety practice. The beta exam contains new items (questions) that have not yet been analyzed by a psychometrician.

Candidates are given special incentives to sit for beta exams, often including a reduced price, and must sit for the exam within its scheduling window.

Before results are announced, the beta examination’s items are analyzed. When the study is complete, candidates who participated in the beta exam receive their results, the beta exam becomes the exam for the certification for which it has been developed, and any previous exam is retired.

Current or Upcoming Beta Examinations


Beta Exam




Exam Length


Sell Date


Scheduling/Testing Window


Anticipated Results Date


Certification Information

STS $125 (reduced from $185) TBD Early 2021 Following Sell Date TBD
STSC $125 (reduced from $185) TBD Early 2021 Following Sell Date TBD

Applying for Beta Examinations

To participate in a beta exam your application for certification must be approved.

If you have not yet applied for certification:

  • Login to My Profile at 
  • Select "Apply for Certification" on the main menu, or "My Applications" if you began the application at another time.
  • Select the certification currently offering a beta examination and complete the application.

When a beta exam is available, all individuals with applications already approved will receive an invitation by email. Occasionally, the invitation will be extended to a wider range of people. Everyone whose application is approved before the close of the beta exam’s purchase window may buy the exam, however, there are no refunds for any application or examination fees previously paid.

To purchase the beta exam: 

  • Login to My Profile at 
  • Select “Purchase Exam” on the main menu. 
  • Select the beta exam that you would like to purchase.

Note that each beta examination is released along with a corresponding self-assessment, available in the “Purchase Self-Assessment” menu.