The mentor program rewards those who become mentors and ensures safety professionals who perform quality work are certified.

BCSP Professional Advancement Mentor Program

Many BCSP certificants have encouraged, assisted, or required fellow safety professionals, colleagues, or peers to pursue certification as a means to advancing their careers. Created specifically to recognize these certificants’ role in supporting the career development of others, the mentor program provides BCSP exam candidates a means to recognize those who supported them in their pursuit of certification.

The mentor program provides a method by which we can recognize those encouraging quality safety practitioners to attain certification. By filling out the Professional Advancement Mentor Form, you help us recognize mentors and their work with their peers, colleagues, and other safety professionals.

Here’s how it works:

  • Participants should complete the Professional Advancement Mentor Form, submitting mentors’ information and that of the peer, colleague, or other safety practitioner who is applying for a BCSP certification – the mentee.
  • If the mentee’s application is approved, BCSP will list the Mentor and Mentee in our Mentoring Honor Roll.
  • Mentors credited through the BCSP Mentor Program for two (2) consecutive years may request to be listed as a long-standing mentor on the BCSP Mentoring webpage.
  • Mentors will be publicly recognized in material published by BCSP.

We look forward to recognizing your contribution to the advancement of the safety profession through the achievement of others.

Please note: Mentoring will only be recognized if done in addition to regular work activity.

Contact Mentors

Our mentors include credential holders from around the world who have been recognized by others through the mentoring program many times. Select a region to find a mentor there whom you may contact.

Middle East

Bala Siva Srikanth Adivi, CSP, CFIOSH
Middle East, India, Bangladesh

Syed Muhammad Farooq Ahmad, CSP, ASP

Mohamed Abdelmonsef Abdelsattar Ali, CSP
Middle East (Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Qatar) & North Africa (Egypt)

Ahmed Mohamed Hussein Ali, CSP
Bahrain, Egypt

Qatar, India

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan

UAE, Pakistan, India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain

Ashok Garlapati, CSP, QEP, CFIOSH, FASSP

Hafiz Muhammad Umar Javed, CSP, ASP, NEBOSH GradIOSH
UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan

Khwaja Bilal Jillani, CSP, ASP, CESCP, GradIOSH
Middle East, Pakistan

Mohamed Khalaf, CSP, CMIOSH, ASP, CIT
Egypt, KSA, UAE, Oman, Qatar

Aamish Khan, CSP
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Noor Qadeem Khan, CSP

Veerakumar Mohan, CSP, SMS, CIT
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hammad Muzaffar, CSP, CRSP, CMIOSH, CFPS, CESCP, M. Eng.
KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Pakistan

Mahmoud Nouh, CSP
Egypt, KSA, UAE, Qatar

Muhammad Rizwanullah, CSP, ASP
Saudi Arabia & Pakistan for the Middle East & South Asia Region

Sajith Sathyan, CSP, CMIOSH
Doha, Qatar

Umair Shahab Shahid, CSP, ASP, CMIOSH, NEBOSH PSM
Pakistan and Qatar

Sami Ullah, CSP, SMS
KSA, UAE, Pakistan

Rajasekhar Reddy Katreddy Venkata, CSP
Dubai, UAE

North America

Ken Ball, SMS, CHST
North Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

David Crowley, CSP, CHMM, STS
Boston, MA, USA

Frank J. Cruice, CSP
Salisbury, MD, USA

Heather Earl, CSP
Winter Haven, FL, USA

Paul Esposito, CSP, CIH
Annapolis, MD, USA

Carl Heinlein, CSP, OHST, STSC
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Mohammad Imran Iqbal, CSP, ASP, CHST
New York, NY, USA

Zachary Leach, CSP
Houston, TX, USA

Mt Morris, PA, USA

Rocco Martini, CSP, OHST, STS
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Scott McCormick, CSP, CHST, CIT
Dayton, Cincinnati, & Columbus, OH, USA

Kristen Mendes, ASP, CHST
Hillsboro/Portland, OR, USA

Hammad Muzaffar, CSP, CRSP, CMIOSH, CFPS, CESCP, M. Eng.
Ontario, Canada

Bill Parker, CHST
Goodrich, MI, USA

John Rawlings, CSP, SMS, CHST, STSC, CIT, MSP
Tampa, FL, USA

Mark Resendes, CSP, CHMM
Chicago, IL, USA

John Tedesco, CSP
Washington, WV, USA