STS and STSC Sponsorship Demonstrates Commitment to Safety

December 18, 2018

STS and STSC Sponsorship Demonstrates Commitment to SafetyThe BCSP Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) and Safety Trained Supervisor Construction (STSC) Sponsorship Program continues to grow and prove to be a successful partnership between BCSP and participating companies, putting safety and assessment of their employees’ development of safety knowledge at the forefront.

We are happy to announce that J.R. Simplot has become a Diamond Class sponsor having recently sponsored over 100 STS certificants.

There are 16 Diamond Class sponsors, including companies like AECOM, which continues to set the pace for encouraging their employee base to become safety certified. AECOM currently has 1,026 employees STSC certified and 811 employees STS certified.

Currently, there are 118 STS/STSC sponsors with over 5,000 sponsored employees holding the STSC certification and over 1,500 holding the STS certification. One Sponsor, Rosendin Electric, was the recipient of the 2018 Associated General Contractors of America’s (AGC) Construction Safety Excellence Awards’ Grand Award.

Organizations which participate in the Sponsorship Program say it has given them a competitive edge and helps to promote safety awareness and training.

Any organization can join. If you would like to get involved with the STS and STSC Sponsorship Program, information can be found on the STS and STSC Sponsorship Program webpage.