SMS Certification Accredited by ANSI

December 19, 2017

SMS Certification Accredited by ANSIThe American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has recognized the Board of Certified Safety Professionals’ Safety Management Specialist (SMS) certification by awarding it accreditation.

ANSI is the primary source for internationally recognized standards in government, business, and professional practice. It is considered the world’s leading accreditation body.

“The SMS certification’s accreditation through ANSI demonstrates that it meets the highest standards as an objective measure of individuals’ safety competency,” says BCSP’s COO, Christy Uden, CAE, IOM. “Similar to how achieving a credential sets a practitioner apart from his or her peers, ANSI’s accrediting our SMS program confirms its exceptional quality.”

This includes the SMS as one of BCSP’s “gold standard” safety credentials.

In a letter to BCSP, ANSI officials credited the organization for sustained efforts in meeting the rigorous requirements of this ANSI standard, also met by the Associate Safety Professional® (ASP®) and Certified Safety Professional® (CSP®) certification programs.

“BCSP policy and practices, along with Board, staff, and volunteers’ commitment to the advancement of safety, have built and sustained our leadership as a certification body,” says BCSP’s CEO, Dr. Treasa Turnbeaugh, CSP, ASP, CET, CAE, IOM. “The SMS, in less than a year’s time, has had over 1,000 practitioners sit for it. It meets a need for the certification of the experienced safety practitioner and this accreditation is confirmation of the SMS’s objectivity, reliability and validity.”

More concerning the SMS can be found at BCSP’s website, www.bcsp.org/SMS.

The SMS is accredited by ANSI under the ISO/IEC 17024 standard for personnel certification programs. Its ANSI identification number, 0646, can be used to confirm the certification’s accreditation in ANSI’s online database.