Resources and Information for SH&E Students

Tools and Info for SH&E Students

May 1, 2019

BCSP offers several tools and resources to those thinking about pursuing a career in safety, as well as those who have chosen safety as a career path and are beginning their careers.

To provide those considering careers a resource to learn more about the safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) profession, BCSP offers important information and inspiring videos that can help answer any questions those curious about the profession may have on the Career Paths in Safety page of our website.

One of the great tools offered by BCSP, designed to help those interested in safety, is the Academic Database. The Academic Database is an online tool designed to help students locate accredited college academic programs in SH&E fields. The tool includes options to narrow search results by Field/Major, Degree Type, and by State, so it’s easy for students to locate a program that matches their needs.

For those holding a BCSP credential and ready to put safety at the center of their career, the BCSP Career Center is another valuable tool. Designed specifically for credential holders, you must hold a BCSP credential to create a profile and it’s entirely free for job seekers. Posting a resume will allow companies seeking safety professionals to search and view your qualifications. It also provides BCSP-credentialed job seekers with a database of job opportunities from companies looking for BCSP certified candidates. In celebration of BCSP’s 50th anniversary, the BCSP Career Center has been made complimentary to companies posting jobs as well.

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