Recertification Quiz Program Updated

May 27, 2015

Recertification Quiz Program UpdatedThe BCSP Recertification Quiz Program has been updated to better provide certificants a way to earn Recertification Points through their demonstration of dedication to safety, health and environmental (SH&E) knowledge.

Available online at quiz.bcsp.org, the quizzes cover content found in well-circulated membership organization journals, including Professional Safety and Safety + Health.

Certificants who would like to take an online quiz must first create a unique account for the new quiz system, after which they can register for quizzes based on specific issues of the journals offered. The new quiz system places no time limit on the person taking a quiz, which can be closed and resumed at any time by logging in and visiting the “My Quizzes” page. The quiz results are sent to user’s emails, and are important to keep so as to account for Recertification Points later.

Visit quiz.bcsp.org to test your knowledge and earn Recertification points.