Recertification Quiz Program Updated with New Feature

December 7, 2017

Recertification Quiz Program Updated with New FeatureThe BCSP Recertification Quiz Program, which offers complimentary quizzes based on the technical contents of the well-circulated membership organization journals Professional Safety (ASSE) and Safety + Health (NSC), provides BCSP certificants 0.1 recertification points for each quiz they take and pass.

The quiz program was recently included in the myBCSP app. The web-based version, at quiz.bcsp.org, has now been updated. Quiz results from the web-based version will no longer be sent to users’ emails. Instead, quizzes completed and passed online or in the app will now appear in the Archives section of the site when users are logged in.

This new Archives section allows users to view the official results for quizzes they have passed, print them, or download them. All pass results will be stored in this location, making it easier to track points earned and access documentation of those points.

To log in or create a profile, visit quiz.bcsp.org.