Recertification Made Easy

March 9, 2017

Recertification Made EasyHolding a certification requires dedication to professional development, and that is recognized through the process of recertification. Whether you are due to recertify this year, or you have a future recertification deadline, there are several things you can do to prepare.

BCSP certificants’ recertification cycles end on at the completion of the fifth full calendar year after they have achieved their certification, and Recertification Worksheets are due by the end of the day of March 31 the next year.

Professional practice and development activities that reward recertification points are outlined on the Recertification webpage, in the Recertification Guide.

Activities can be recorded in the Certification Management System (CMS) as they are completed at any point in the five years before recertification is required, making them and the points they award easy to track.

Documentation for recertification activities should be retained in a file. These are not submitted with the Recertification Worksheet, but may be required after that is completed if your account is audited. What you should keep for each activity is outlined in Acceptable Recertification Support Documentation.

If you have questions about recertification, you may find answers in BCSP’s documented Common Mistakes on Recertification Worksheets. Certificants are always welcome to contact Certification Services for assistance as well.