Read the Second Quarter 2017 BCSP eNewsletter

July 6, 2017

Read the Second Quarter 2017 BCSP eNewsletter

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The Second Quarter 2017 eNewsletter features:

  • The announcement of our 2017 Awards of Excellence and Lifetime Achievement Award recipients
  • Our recent scholarship recipients
  • An article on the release date for the new Safety Management Specialist (SMS) certification
  • An article on the dedication of the new BCSP world headquarters
  • Information on the new BCSP Ambassador outreach program
  • An announcement on an initiative to support GSP QAPs’ in attaining, or retaining, ABET or AABI accreditation
  • An article covering greater access to the CSP in India, as well as application with a degree from outside the United States
  • Information on the release of the new OHST and STS exams, and much more…

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