Read the Fourth Quarter 2017 BCSP eNewsletter

December 19, 2017

Read the Fourth Quarter 2017 BCSP eNewsletter

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The Fourth Quarter 2017 eNewsletter features:

  • Announcement of the SMS certification achieving ANSI accreditation
  • News regarding the launch of the BCSP Foundation
  • BCSP’s 2018 Board of Directors’ Officers and New Board Members
  • The stories of students who #ChooseSafety, as presented by them in the BCSP #ChooseSafety video competition
  • An invitation to celebrate exceptional safety practice with the BCSP Award of Excellence
  • A new BCSP Career Center for certificants and those employers who value workplace safety
  • An update on the BCSP Recertification Quiz Program
  • Information on changes coming to the OHST, what to expect in 2018, and much more…

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