Read the Fourth Quarter 2016 BCSP eNewsletter

December 16, 2016

Read the Fourth Quarter 2016 BCSP eNewsletterThe latest BCSP eNewsletter is available for everyone.

The Fourth Quarter 2016 eNewsletter features:

  • An article on the impressive safety results acheived by one of our STSC Sponsors
  • The announcement of our new safety management certification, the Safety Management Specialist (SMS)
  • Our new, 2017 Board Members and Officers
  • An invitation for submissions to the BCSP Award of Excellence (AoE) program
  • An update on our effort to bring new SH&E practitioners into the safety profession
  • The expansion of the Graduate Safety Practitioner’s (GSP) Qualified Academic Programs
  • Information on a redesign of our Recertification Quiz Program
  • Upcoming changes to certifications’ application, examination, maintenance, and much more…

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