Pennsylvania Recognizes BCSP Certifications’ Value

February 25, 2016

Pennsylvania Recognizes BCSP Certifications’ ValueThe Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry recently added several Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) certifications to those credentials that meet the requirements for an individual to become a qualified accident and illness prevention service provider in the state.

The Occupational Health and Safety Technologist® (OHST), Safety Trained Supervisor® (STS), Safety Trained Supervisor Construction® (STSC) and Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer® (CET) joined the Certified Safety Professional® (CSP), Associate Safety Professional® (ASP), and Construction Health and Safety Technician® (CHST) as qualifying credentials February 6, 2016. Individuals must possess at least one current, bureau-recognized credential and have two years of acceptable safety experience to become a service provider.

“I want to congratulate you and your organization for being approved as one of the accident and illness prevention service provider qualifications to be recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” wrote Scott G. Weiant, Director of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Under the Health and Safety Regulations of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, self-insured employers and insurance carriers licensed to write workers’ compensation insurance are required to either employ or contract with qualified accident and illness prevention services providers to deliver services to policyholders or to provide program services.

“The use of certification as a component in vetting safety professionals who will be in charge of occupational safety and health demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of employees on the part of Pennsylvania,” explains Erica Poff, IOM, Government Affairs and Outreach Manager at BCSP. “It is good to see awareness that health and wellness are not merely the absence of illness and injury, but the result of work done by accomplished professionals.”

More information on the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s Accident and Illness Prevention Service Provider Qualifications can be found on the program’s webpage. Details on BCSP’s qualifying certifications can be found at bcsp.org.