New Certification Added to Category 10 for Recertification Points

SCTPP Qualified for Recertification Points Under Category 10

March 11, 2019

New Certification Added to Category 10 for Recertification PointsEvery five years, one recertification cycle, BCSP certificants must earn recertification points from activities outlined in the Recertification Guide. The methods by which certificants can obtain points is broken down into 10 categories, with Category 10 detailing the “Additional Certification or License” points. Category 10 outlines the process of earning an additional certification or license to earn recertification points. BCSP continually reviews potential certifications and licenses for possible addition into Category 10, so that we may provide our certificants a diverse set of options to continue their professional development.

The ARTBA Transportation Development Foundation’s Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals (SCTPP) is a noteworthy certification that has recently been added to Category 10. Any BCSP certificant obtaining the SCTPP within a recertification cycle may claim a substantial five (5) recertification points. The SCTPP certification is published in the online Recertification Guide and the ability to claim recertification points using the SCTPP certification is now available in BCSP’s Certification Management System. More information about the SCTPP certification can be found at sctpp.org.

To note, recertification cycles normally extend five years beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31. For those just achieving certification, the first cycle is longer than five years. Recertification points can be logged in My Profile as you earn them using the Recertification Worksheet. More information about recertification can be found on the Recertification webpage.