Is Your Organization Safe + Sound?

Register for OSHA’s annual Safe + Sound Week set for Aug. 15-21

August 1, 2022

The responsibility for keeping people safe can fall on many different shoulders. Perhaps you’re the decision maker for a large corporation. Or maybe the safety director for a regional firm. Or a human resources manager for a small company. Or a small business owner.

The truth is safety ultimately falls to all of us. At some level, every employee in an organization is involved with either creating the safety culture or actively participating in it.

What does your safety plan look like? Do you have one? When is the last time you updated it?

Take OSHA’s annual Safe + Sound Week as an opportunity to examine how safe your organization is. You can revise your current safety plan or even put one together for the first time. Or use it as an occasion to celebrate your safety successes by sharing your stories on social media using #SafeAndSoundAtWork.

Safe + Sound Week 2022 is set for Aug. 15-21, and registration is open now. Utilize OSHA’s resources to plan your event and join a group of participating organizations that numbered more than 5,000 last year.

Workplace challenges are ever evolving, and potential new hazards are constantly developing. Safe + Sound Week reminds us that safety plans and procedures should be adaptable. OSHA provides tools to define your processes for finding and fixing hazards and to help you gain participation from leadership and the workforce.

Credentials can play a role in building your safety culture. BCSP offers 10 credentials, including the Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) and Safety Trained Supervisor Construction (STSC) certifications specifically designed to identify a baseline level of knowledge and skills throughout an organization, from leadership to the frontline.

Through BCSP’s Group Management platform, organizations can sponsor their employees’ credentials and monitor applications, examinations, and renewals to promote their safety culture.

Ensure your organization is Safe + Sound moving forward.

BCSP collaborates with OSHA to keep workplaces safe as part of the BCSP-OSHA Alliance.