Five Faculty Members Join the BCSP Community

An Exam Waiver Led to the Addition of Five New ASPs and CSPs

April 20, 2021

Five Faculty Members Join the BCSP Community

BCSP is happy to announce that five safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) university faculty members became Associate Safety professionals (ASPs) or Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) using the free exam waiver for qualified faculty that is offered to new Qualified Academic Programs (QAP) and Qualified Equivalent Programs (QEP).

Gina Chace, a professor at Keene State University, and Dr. Adam Pickens, a professor at Texas A&M University, earned their Associate Safety Professional (ASP) certifications. Mellena Nichols, a professor at Southeastern Oklahoma State University; Dr. David Stumbo, a professor at Eastern Kentucky University; and James Shaw, a professor at Columbia Southern University, earned their CSPs!

When asked why she chose to pursue BCSP certification, Mellena Nichols, MS, CSP, ASP said, “I decided to get the CSP because it is a mark of excellence that indicates the quality of my knowledge, skills, and experience. Achieving this certification allows me to advance in my current position.”

“The BCSP waiver, along with a little study time that I was able to free up, was the motivation I needed to schedule the CSP exam and pass the test!” added Dr. David Stumbo, CSP, OHST. “I feel like having the CSP filled what may be the most substantial professional gap remaining.”

Jim Shaw, CSP, CIT also commented, “I chose to attain my CSP and CIT certifications because I wanted to encourage and model the behavior I would want from my students and colleagues in the field of safety.”

We are extremely proud to have such a distinguished group of educators join the BCSP community!

This examination fee waiver is only offered in the first six (6) months following publication of a program’s becoming a QAP or QEP. BCSP offers other opportunities for faculty members to achieve BCSP certification as well! Faculty that teach safety or safety-related courses at a college or university may be eligible for an application fee waiver. More information can be found in our fee waiver pamphlet.