Easy Ways to Get Your Safety Program Started

OSHA's Top 10 Ways to Get Started

February 14, 2019

Easy Ways to Get Your Safety Program StartedThere are many factors to keep in mind when beginning a safety and health program. The process can be overwhelming; you may not know where to begin, who to contact, what practices are appropriate for your organization or business, or how far-reaching your safety program should extend.

Regardless of the size of your company, instituting a safety program is important to keep your workforce safe and send them home happy and healthy every night.

One of the easiest ways to start a safety program is to establish safety and health as a core value and communicate its importance to your workforce. Make sure your workforce knows you take safety seriously and sending them home safe every day is a top priority. Remind them that you will work with them to correct any hazardous behavior.

Training and education are also vitally important, specifically on safety techniques and controls. You can pursue professional certification to expand your own knowledge or seek professionally certified individuals that hold continuing education as a value. A list of BCSP certificants that can be contacted for guidance can be found on our Mentor page.

Leading by example and implementing a reporting system is also an effective way to start a safety program. Simple procedures workers can use to report any injuries, illnesses, incidents, hazards, etc. without fear of being reprimanded is key to an effective program. Using these tools yourself as a way to lead by example is also an important way to communicate with your workforce that safety is important.

Communication is of utmost importance. Seeking input from your employees is a great way to receive specific information on what needs to be changed. Addressing emergency scenarios and setting aside regular time to discuss safety and health issues and procedures allows your workforce to feel heard. Some may even be interested in achieving safety certification, further engaging them in ensuring safety.

You may visit our Partner’s page for helpful safety information and links to our partner’s sites for further safety program information, including greater details on recommended practices.

If your workplace doesn’t already have a safety program in place, get started today! Your coworkers, colleagues, and community depend on you!