CIT examCORE Program Now Available

Prepare for success in 2020 with BCSP examCORE!

October 8, 2020

CIT examCORE Program Now AvailableThe CIT examCORE exam training has been released.

BCSP examCORE is an interactive, online exam training program that provides supervisors, managers, executives, and safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) practitioners a means to build the knowledge and skills necessary for BCSP certification, covering the topics identified as essential by industry leaders.

Content for examCORE was developed by a team of leading-edge subject matter experts with hundreds of years of combined SH&E experience, including authors, academics, and practicing safety professionals.

The CIT examCORE contains 30+ subject areas on safety and health topics, questions and answers, topic exercises, pre- and post-tests to ensure knowledge is effectively communicated, and hundreds of challenge questions.

BCSP examCORE training is specifically designed to not only improve the knowledge and skills of workers with safety and health responsibilities but also help users successfully pass and complete BCSP certification examinations.

To learn more about examCORE, and to view a demo, visit examCORE.org.