From the CEO: Thank You For Your Incredible Support

SH&E professionals around the world helped us advance our mission through two major events this spring

June 3, 2022

BCSP Certificants, Stakeholders, and Friends:

What an eventful spring it has been at BCSP! We have been privileged to interact with our amazing SH&E professionals in some truly exciting and meaningful ways.

Thank you for your support and participation in helping us successfully execute two major undertakings with the BCSP Foundation’s third-annual Virtual Career Fair and our innovative Global Learning Summit (GLS). We could not have accomplished either without your committed involvement. You continue to play an instrumental role in our mission to inspire leaders, enhance careers, and advance the safety profession.

These events furthered BCSP’s pursuit of two major objectives — to build community among our nearly 50,000 certificants and to provide greater access to affordable SH&E professional and career development.

Through the support of our tremendous speakers and sponsors, we were able to do both. More than 4,500 attendees from all over the globe registered for GLS at a price of only $25, an unheard-of value for this caliber of professional development. As for the Virtual Career Fair, BCSP certificants, students, and individuals in safety-related industries could register free of charge.

Nearly a year in the making, GLS offered access to more than 150 live and pre-recorded presentations from leading experts in the field, tackling the most important topics in SH&E practice today. Our attendees also had the opportunity to network with leaders and colleagues from around the world via our online platform. Users spent a combined 1.8 million minutes accessing GLS content over the three days and responded with incredible feedback, like this from risk management professional Steve Pribulick:

“Of all the money I have earned and spent in the entirety of my life, the money (and time) spent on these three days is absolutely the most important and most meaningful money spent of all.”

The Virtual Career Fair offered participants opportunities to search and apply for jobs, chat with prospective employers, and even interview for exciting positions. More than 1,300 individuals registered, with nearly 500 resume submissions and more than 6,700 virtual booth visits. Those numbers each marked increases from the 2021 fair, with booth visits remarkably rising more than 500 percent.

Again, the feedback we received confirmed the value of these events, like this response from Gary Edinbyrd, GSP:

“I attended the BCSP Foundation Virtual Career Fair, and I was glad that I did. I really liked being able to ask and answer questions in real time with Safety professionals (from) all over the world.”

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing world, quality continuing education is as important as ever. With that in mind, BCSP is committed to supporting credential holders throughout the certification cycle. Through efforts like GLS, the Virtual Career Fair, and more, we aim to deliver the highest quality programming and tools to assist current and future safety practitioners in advancing their knowledge and careers. Together we create a safer world.

Thank you for making a difference!


Christy Uden
Board of Certified Safety Professionals