Build Your Commitment to Safety with the Global Learning Summit

Go beyond compliance...

April 20, 2022

“When companies decide to make a change to their overall culture, they usually want to leapfrog straight to great culture, essentially skipping all the hard work in the middle,” says Tim Page-Bottorff, CSP, CIT. “This hard work requires patience, attention, and baby steps.”

How to build support for safety will be Bottorff’s focus in Leapfrogging from Compliance to Culture, his presentation at the Board of Certified Safety Professionals’ (BCSP) Global Learning Summit (GLS).

For Bottorff, motivation matters. It is important to go beyond compliance to building commitment. “Many of us, we fell into safety. Only when we are in the position, do we truly understand what safety is,” he explains.

It’s important to communicate that understanding, and foster engagement with safe practices. “The feelings you get when you see your employees own safety will provide the sustainable drive to remind you safety was a great career move.”

The BCSP GLS provides sessions for all who have safety responsibilities. “Professional development is one of the best ways to maintain constant learning,” Bottorff adds. “A company can only stand to benefit from that investment.”

Bottorff sees a united front in the safety organizations that have come together to support the BCSP GLS and hopes it paves the way for new partnerships. “Whether virtual or in-person, these types of experiences will drive stronger relationships for the future.”

The session Leapfrogging from Compliance to Culture is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11, at 1 p.m. (Eastern Time). The complete agenda and registration for the BCSP GLS can be found at BCSPGLS.COM.