BCSP to Release ASP10 Beta Exam

September 4, 2019

BCSP to Release ASP10 Beta Exam

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) will be offering the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) certification’s exam for a reduced price as part of the ASP10 Beta Exam incentive.

The ASP10 Beta Exam will be available for $200, reduced from its regular price of $350, to the first 150 candidates who purchase it on or after October 16, 2019. The beta exam will have 262 items (questions), and candidates will have six (6) hours to complete it. The ASP10 Beta Exam must be taken from October 30-December 17, 2019. Examination results will be available within six (6) months from the close of the examination window.

Please note that if you have a pending job offer, promotion, or incentive dependent on notification of your official ASP exam results, BCSP recommends you do not register for the beta exam as the exact date the final results will be released is still to be determined.

A beta exam is a new version of a certification’s exam that is in development. The beta exam contains new items (questions) that have not yet been analyzed, and participants’ aggregated, anonymous results are studied after the examination window closes to improve upon the exam.

When the beta exam and its analysis is complete, participants receive their results and the exam is updated.

Full details on the ASP and beta exam process can be found on the Beta Exams webpage.

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