Answers to Questions You May Have About BCSP's New Recert Program

March 26, 2020

BCSP is currently developing recertPRO, an online, subscription-based program that combines several methods of achieving recertification for BCSP certifications in one easy-to-use, online platform.

What will recertPRO include?

BCSP recertPRO will feature the KSA Quest (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) quests, challenge assessments based on BCSP certifications’ exams, and a greater number of SH&E periodical quizzes than currently offered.

How many recertification points will I be able to earn?
In the course of one year, certificants will have the opportunity to earn:

 0.1 points per periodical quiz, with 41 available, for 4.1 points total.
 0.25 points per quest, with five (5) available, for 1.25 points total.
 A set of 1-point and 0.5-point challenge assessments, for 1.5 points total.

A total of 6.85 recertification points may be earned in one year, up to 34.25 points per five (5) year cycle.

What will happen to KSA Quest?
Sales of KSA Quest topic assessments will be suspended beginning April 1, 2020. Any topic assessments purchased before then will continue to be active until completed or they expire.

What will recertPRO cost?
BCSP recertPRO will be offered for an annual subscription of $499 or a five (5) year subscription of $2249.
Subscriptions begin on the day of purchase.

When will recertPRO be released?
BCSP aims to have recertPRO ready for release in spring of 2020, in advance of the recertification cycle end date of June 30.

How will I access recertPRO? 
BCSP certificants will be able to access recertPRO through their BCSP My Profile with a single login.

What web browsers will work best with recertPRO?
Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers will be most compatible with recertPRO.