BCSP Provides Opportunity to US Military Servicemembers

March 6, 2018

BCSP Provides Opportunity to US Military ServicemembersThe US military is embracing certification to ensure servicemembers’ safety and provide them a path to civilian employment. BCSP recently visited the United States Army Combat Readiness Center at Fort Rucker to support the organization.

“It is important that servicemembers be able to anticipate change and have a readiness to adapt, whether that is part of protecting our country or protecting the safety and health of their colleagues,” says Dr. Brenda Miller, SMS, Senior Safety Advisor and Functional Chief Representative for Career Program-12 (Safety and Occupational Health) at the United States Army Combat Readiness Center. Dr. Miller achieved her SMS as part of the examination’s 2017 beta release, alongside many other Army servicemembers.

BCSP Board Member and Airman Josh Franklin, CSP, SMS, STS, CET recently expressed similar thoughts from the perspective of the Air Force in his blog, connectingEHS. “Senior leaders care about Airmen and the Air Force. We connected education and credentialing with this value, knowing our Air Force would be better off with highly skilled professionals, and Airmen would have better futures with advanced certifications.”

BCSP safety certifications are recognized and highly regarded by every branch of the US military. BCSP certifications have been mapped to 764 military occupations across the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines Corps, and Civil Services. Each branch’s Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) program includes the full set of BCSP certifications and, of the 63 safety certifications identified by Navy COOL, three BCSP certifications (the ASP, CSP, and CHST) are currently the only three considered “In Demand”.

The COOL programs offer vouchers for payment of fees related to achieving or maintaining credentials, issued on a first-come, first-served basis. BCSP certifications are eligible for COOL vouchers from every branch of the military.

“Recognition of servicemembers’ commitment is important to BCSP, and we are grateful for these opportunities to provide something in return,” says Dr. Treasa Turnbeaugh, CSP, ASP, CET, IOM, CAE, the CEO of BCSP.

In addition to the COOL programs’ vouchers, BCSP offers application fee waivers to active duty, reserve component personnel, and veterans with a copy of official orders or official discharge papers, submitted upon application. Examination fees are further eligible for reimbursement by the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs under various entitlement programs.

BCSP, safety professionals, and the military have expanded servicemembers’ access to quality certification. The opportunity to demonstrate safety knowledge and skills has never been more accessible for those who choose to pursue it.

Photo, L-R: CP-12 FCR Program Manager Tamara Nazario; Senior Safety Advisor, FCR for CP-12 Dr. Brenda Miller, SMS; Director of Army Safety David Francis; BCSP CEO Dr. Treasa Turnbeaugh, CSP, ASP, CET, CAE; BCSP Strategic and Global Relations Director Erica Poff, CAE; US Army Safety Center Safety and Occupational Health Manager Gabriel Boyd, GSP, OHST