BCSP Introduces New Option for Recertification Points

KSA Quests Are Available for Certificants to Earn Recertification Points

July 23, 2019

BCSP Introduces New Option for Recertification PointsA new tool, KSA Quest (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities), has been developed which provides an additional avenue for BCSP certificants to achieve recertification points. KSA Quest participants can demonstrate their knowledge and garner public recognition with a new display available for digital badge profiles.

The KSA Quest is comprised of 25-question topic assessments based on subject areas geared for professional development. BCSP certificants may earn 0.25 recertification points per each passed assessment.

There are 27 KSA Quest topic assessments and a score of 80% or higher must be achieved in order to earn recertification points. Passing nine (9) topic assessments will also earn certificants an increasing level of recognition starting with the Scholar ribbon. Passing 18 assessments will earn the Master ribbon and passing of all 27 assessments will garner the Grand Master ribbon. A certificant’s highest mastery level will be displayed on their digital badge profile.

“BCSP’s main focus is the development and advancement of the safety profession,” said BCSP CEO Dr. Treasa Turnbeaugh MBA, CSP, ASP, CET, CAE, IOM. “By instituting new and innovative ways for certificants to achieve continuing education goals, like with the KSA Quest, we are guiding SH&E professionals through an ever-changing profession.”


The KSA Quest is accessed through each certificants’ My Profile at bcsp.org.