BCSP Copyright and Code of Ethics Reminder

Certificant Disciplined for Unauthorized Sharing of BCSP Copyright Material

March 5, 2020

BCSP Copyright and Code of Ethics ReminderThe Judicial Commission of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals found that a certificant who disbursed BCSP copyrighted materials to others should be disciplined in accordance with the BCSP Disciplinary Policy. The certificant’s status with BCSP was suspended for three years.

BCSP would like to remind everyone of our policy regarding copyrighted material. All publications and materials produced by BCSP (this includes website copy, self-assessments, examCORE material, examination material, etc.) are copyrighted and should not be copied or distributed in any form or fashion.

BCSP owns the copyrights in the electronic and printed versions of all its materials. While we appreciate consumer interests in our products, copyright law prohibits the unauthorized copying and distribution of these products.

BCSP is committed to protecting its copyrighted materials and preventing the unauthorized use or disbursement of these materials. Violations are considered a violation of the BCSP Code of Ethics and are taken very seriously. To avoid any potential violations, we encourage all to refrain from sharing such material in any manner. If you have a question as to the use of such materials, please contact us at bcsp@bcsp.org.

We also ask that you refrain from sharing or requesting copies of other organizations’ and/or individuals’ proprietary materials, both generally and via BCSP social media groups. This too is an infringement on copyright laws and can be met with disciplinary actions.

To view BCSP’s Code of Ethics and other policies and forms, visit bcsp.org/policies-forms. Our terms of use can be found here and at the bottom of every page on the BCSP website.

We truly appreciate all our certificants and your devotion to the safety profession through the pursuit and attainment of professional certification and continuing education. We hope this reminder will serve to protect our certificants from improperly sharing BCSP copyrighted material.