BCSP Certification Protected in Ohio

Senate Bill 255 Passed with Provisions to Protect Private Certification

January 9, 2019

BCSP Certification Protected in OhioWith your help and the help of other partnering organizations like the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC), BCSP worked with state legislators to amend key portions of Senate Bill 255 to protect voluntary certifications in the state of Ohio.

In its original form, Senate Bill 255 would have, in short, required the state government to offer voluntary certification programs, which would have negatively impacted the value of BCSP safety certifications in Ohio.

The revised bill, which Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law on Monday, establishes a statewide policy on occupational regulation recognizing the validity of private, voluntary certifications:

“If regulations are intended to protect consumers against asymmetrical information between the seller and buyer, the appropriate state action shall be to offer voluntary certification, unless suitable, privately offered voluntary certification for the relevant occupation is available. As used in this division, ‘suitable’ means widely recognized as reflecting established standards of competency, skill, or knowledge in the field.”

Further provisions were added to address concerns the bill would pose to recognition of certification in licensure laws.

“Nothing in this chapter is intended to restrict an occupational licensing board from requiring, as a condition of licensure or renewal of licensure, that an individual’s personal qualifications include obtaining or maintaining certification from a private organization that credentials individuals in the relevant occupation.”

The new law also requires the state Legislative Service Commission to issue reports of occupational licensing bills and state regulation of occupations.

We sincerely appreciate all those who contacted the Ohio House of Representatives in defense of their credentials and we will continue to do all we can to defend your BCSP safety certifications!