20-Year Safety Professional on Value of BCSP Certification

Jeff Treffinger, MPH, CSP, SMS, STS Talks About the Value of Professional Safety Certification

February 19, 2020

20-Year Safety Professional on Value of BCSP CertificationJeff Treffinger, MPH, CSP, SMS, STS knows the value of professional safety certification.

Being in the safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) industry for over 20 years has afforded him the opportunity to witness how much professional certification, particularly BCSP certification, can impact not only an individual worker but an entire corporation.

“BCSP certification, especially the CSP, has been integral to my career development,” said Treffinger. “I earned the certification 15 years ago, and it has enabled me to take on positions in the industry with greater responsibility.”

Treffinger earned his bachelor’s in soil and water science from the University of Florida and a Master of Public Health with specialization in occupational health and safety management from Tulane University. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety & Quality at Amentum.

“I majored in soil and water science on account of my interest in environmental sciences,” said Treffinger. “Once I entered the workforce, my responsibilities continually expanded to include safety and occupational health, which is now my primary focus.”

Treffinger leads all aspects of EHS & Quality programs at Amentum, a technical and engineering services company that supports government customers with hazardous missions. His roles include program oversight, strategic initiatives, performance monitoring, representation to industry and regulatory agencies, and development of EHS & Quality professionals. This technical and personnel experience has given him well-rounded insight into the significant impact BCSP certifications like the Safety Trained Supervisor® (STS®) can have on industries.

“At Amentum we have proven that the STS certification is a leading indicator for operational discipline. Projects with supervisors and managers holding the STS experience improved injury and financial performance and customer satisfaction,” said Treffinger.

During his tenure at Amentum, Treffinger has overseen reduced injury rates by 75 percent, severity rates by 85 percent, and workers’ compensation by 60 percent. “Simply put, our projects are more successful when managers and supervisors are STS certified,” said Treffinger.

In addition to the CSP and STS, Treffinger is also a Safety Management Specialist® (SMS®). He believes that certification is an imperative part of being an effective safety professional and instrumental in qualifying safety professionals for greater opportunities.

“If you want to advance in your career in the SH&E industry, I believe certification is a must-have. The CSP is truly the gold standard for career advancement,” said Treffinger.

When asked what his favorite part of being a safety professional is, Treffinger responded, “Everything!”

“Every day is different,” continued Treffinger. “Connecting with all levels of the workforce, witnessing the transformation from unsafe to safe behaviors, analyzing data and metrics to make informed business decisions, the list is endless.”

BCSP’s mission is to inspire and develop leaders in safety, health, and environmental practice through globally accredited certification. Passionate certificants like Jeff Treffinger validate that mission and inspire us to continue to advance the safety career.

“It’s all about taking care of our employees and contractors and keeping them unharmed,” said Treffinger.

We couldn’t agree more.