Using the BCSP Logos

The CSP, SMS, ASP, GSP, OHST, CHST, STS, STSC, and CET logos are the property of BCSP. They are each registered or pending marks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Logo use follows strict rules, as logos imply that something is the official property, statement, position, or policy of BCSP. Because they are logos of BCSP, organizations are not authorized to use the certification logos or variations of them on general business cards, letterhead, correspondence, documentation, or other publications. Individual use of certification logos and/or acronyms is allowed as long as they are used strictly to describe the individual credential holder.

Occasionally, BCSP will grant an organization written permission to use the BCSP logo in publications or on certain other materials for which there is a written request. Usually, the uses are limited to those publications or materials which provide clear recognition for or promotion of BCSP and its designations or credentials. When such permissions are granted, there must be no confusion about ownership of the certification or possible confusion with other logos or purposes. Permission will not be granted if there is any potential for readers or viewers to infer that BCSP endorses or supports any product, service, program, company or organization. Permission is awarded for each specific use and is not extended in any way without additional requests. The use must note that the logo(s) is/are trademarks of BCSP.

For the right to use a BCSP logo on material you or your organization may wish to produce, send requests to Ms. Toni Richardson, BCSP's Marketing Specialist.

Logo Use Guidelines

Please refer to the the Logo Use Guidelines (PDF) for details on the rules and standards that apply to BCSP logo use.

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