Item Writing


Collecting Items for BCSP Examinations

BCSP started chartering item writing teams in 2002. Today, BCSP has chartered eight teams that assist in the contribution of many items to the BCSP items banks each year.

Chartered item writing teams collect examination items from certificants who are actively engaged in safety practice. This ensures BCSP's examination items are relevant to current safety practice.

Each team meets a minimum of two times per year for at least four hours each session. All items compiled are submitted to BCSP for review and acceptance into the item bank. Recertification points are awarded at the end of the team’s charter period based on the number of items accepted into the BCSP item bank for each team.

The team reviews each item to make sure the item is correct, relevant, current, and usable. Each item submitted must also have a valid reference listed. When the items reach BCSP they are evaluated and, if accepted, they are placed into the BCSP item bank for possible future use. In 2011, 525 items were accepted into the BCSP items banks.

Item Writing in 2013

BCSP only accepts items as they are needed, and Recertification Points are only awarded for accepted items. Please contact Andrea Kamradt, BCSP Examinations Manager, for information on which certification examination items are currently being accepted by BCSP.

References need to be documented not only on the item writing form, but also with a copy of the referenced book's cover, copyright page and the exact page(s) where supporting documentation for the question you are submitting is located. Many of the references used are older and this will help BCSP document the exact reference and location of the content that supports the question. If this information is not submitted with your draft item, it will not be accepted into the BCSP Item Bank.

Recognition for Years of Service

BCSP would like to thank the East Pennsylvania Item Writing Team for their effort. This team was chartered in 2007 and completed five years of service in 2011. Many CSPs have contributed items since 2007 and we are very grateful for all of your time and effort through the years.

BCSP would like to recognize the team for their service and especially thank several of the team members that have completed five years of service. Each member will receive the award for their service years from their team leader.

BCSP appreciates all of your help.

PDF Library - Manual and Forms

Item Writing Team Policy and Conduct
Item Writing Manual
Item Construction Form
Scenario Construction Form

PDF Library - Blueprints

ASP Exam Blueprint
CSP Exam Blueprint
OHST Exam Blueprint
CHST Exam Blueprint
STS Blueprint


Contact Andrea Kamradt, Examinations Manager, if you require assistance in being part of the item writing process.