Applying for Certification as a Group


Group Management

When a company, union, university, or other organization wishes to help a large number of individuals obtain a certain certification the organization has the option of managing those individuals as a group.

Grouping many applicants together increases efficiency and saves time. As part of group management, group member's individual fee payments are replaced by a single invoice and the amount of forms that must be filled out by each person reduced.

While there are differences between each certification which offers the option of group management, they share much of the group management process.

The Group Management Process

The group management process begins when a person designated as group manager distributes the forms contained in a certification's Group Management Handbook to all group members. The group members return their forms to the group manager, who then checks that they are completed and adds the group members to the group roster form. Once all forms have been collected they are combined with the roster and sent to BCSP as a single package.

Upon receiving the group application package, BCSP sends an invoice to the group manager combining all application fees into one simple payment. The applications are then reviewed and calls for more information or corrections are made until the final list of candidates is determined eligible to sit for the certification's exam.

Those eligible to sit for the exam are officially indicated and sent to the group manager along with an invoice for the group's examination fees. The group manager can then arrange the group's examination date with BCSP Certification Services.

How to apply as a group for a specific certification is further detailed in this page's resource section.

Certified Safety Professional

The CSP's rigorous requirements do not currently allow for group management. BCSP does hope to provide such an option in the future.

Individuals who wish to pursue the CSP should refer to the Certified Safety Professional page.

Occupational Health and Safety Technologist

OHST Group Management Handbook

Construction Health and Safety Technician

CHST Group Management Handbook

Safety Trained Supervisor

Organizations who wish to regularly utilize STS certification should consider becoming a part of the STS Sponsorship Program.

STS Group Management Handbook