New BCSP Board Members Meet in Champaign


New BCSP Board Members Meet in Champaign

      Board Members meet staff, tour BCSP headquarters and attend orientation.

BCSP hosted the new Board Member orientation January 23, 2012. Mark Friend, J. Terrence Grisim, and Bruce Guiliani visited the BCSP headquarters in Champaign, Illinois to prepare for their year in Board positions. Rixio Medina, Vice President of the Board, was on hand to lead the process.

The new Board Members met with staff to go over how they would interact with individual areas within BCSP. They were brought up to date on current Board activities. The majority of the visit consisted of reviewing the process of Board responsibilities including; legal, governance, certification, finance and budget, marketing and business development. The meeting was capped off with a lunch with the staff and a visit from the United Way of Champaign County acknowledging the contributions of the staff of BCSP.

      From left to right: Mark Friend, Ed.D, CSP; J. Terrence Grisim, CSP, CDS, CPSM, ARM; Bruce Guiliani, CSP, CET, CIT; Daniel Fuqua, CSP, P.E., CPCU, ARM