NAOSH Week Art and Video Contests for Children and Youth

Colan Holmes - Wednesday, February 12, 2014
As BCSP is seeking nominations of safety professionals for this year's Award of Excellence (AoE), we want to make sure you also know about how you can recognize aspiring safety professionals. Each year, the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) holds a safety poster contest for youth. This year, youth age 13-17 are encouraged to make videos as well.

The contest is part of raising awareness of workplace safety in conjunction with North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week. You can see the thought contestants put into the top posters from the 2013 “Safety on the Job” contest.

Young people who would like to participate can sign up and submit their artwork online. The deadline is February 28, 2014, so the time has come to put those thinking caps on!

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Strengthening Opportunities for Women in Construction Safety

Colan Holmes - Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Reagan Branch, CSP, CIH is encouraging women to embrace careers in construction safety. Construction is a career field not traditionally gender diverse, with 11 men for every woman. As construction begins an economic recovery, and housing starts’ growth raises demand for homebuilders, the field offers greater opportunity for any who would seize it.

“Construction is a male dominated world and I think many women are intimidated by the prospect of taking on an authoritative role in this industry,” explains Branch. “Women can also bring a unique perspective to these industries that can spur economic growth. There are many avenues for entry into this sector and it is worth exploring. Through outreach, mentorship and access to safety training, women get the necessary information, exposure and confidence to embark on a field where I think they are naturally suited.”

Branch conducts presentations on the subject of women in construction safety, and she finds audiences receptive. Many who hear from her request additional information on training, internship opportunities, and necessary credentials. “Many feel the need to further their education or acquire certifications to be respected,” says Branch.

Safety certification in the field does not automatically translate into greater respect, but it has been helpful for Branch when she has needed recognition of her expertise. “I think the differences I noticed after obtaining my CSP were from employers and others within upper management,” she recalls. “Also, it validates my authority when dealing with ‘know-it-all’ types that insist on challenging my every decision or opinion.”

In addition to her presentations on women in construction, Branch conducts OSHA 10-hour and other safety and health trainings. Her promotion of safety is comprehensive. “If I can prevent the creation of, or peel away the ‘anti-safety’ mindset of an apprentice or a young person entering the field of construction I feel accomplished.”
Reagan Branch, CSP, CIH
Photo by Sophia Coaxum

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Nominate Yourself or a Colleague for an Award of Excellence

Colan Holmes - Wednesday, January 15, 2014
BCSP is seeking nominations for the 2014 Awards of Excellence (AoE).

The AoE recognizes top CSPs, OHSTs, and CHSTs advancement of professional safety in an annual ceremony. The third annual AoE Ceremony will be held Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at the American Society of Safety Engineer's (ASSE's) Professional Development Conference, Safety 2014, in Orlando, Florida. Certificants honored in 2013 enjoyed the praise of over 800 of their colleagues at the ceremony.

Nominations are now being accepted through February 28, 2014. Complete the nomination forms before this window of opportunity closes.

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Thank You for the Wonderful Year

Colan Holmes - Wednesday, December 18, 2013

BCSP developed a great deal in the last year, and we have many certificants for whom we are thankful.

We wish all Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year.

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Oklahoma State University Honors Rixio Medina, CSP, STS for Contributions to Safety Profession

Colan Holmes - Tuesday, October 08, 2013
The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) at Oklahoma State University (OSU) inducted Rixio Medina, CSP, STS, BCSP Board of Directors President, into its Hall of Fame on Sept. 27, 2013.

Medina received both an Associate and Bachelor’s degree in Fire Protection and Safety Technology from OSU. Medina enrolled in the university after becoming interested in fire protection and safety as a teenager in Venezuela. "My dad introduced me to a fire chief who had received an Associate Degree in Fire Protection from OSU," Medina explains. "He was the first person to talk to me about the profession."

Mentoring and volunteer service were habits that Medina soon adopted himself. While at OSU, Medina studied hard to overcome limitations with the English language. He became President of the Latin American Student Association and assisted hundreds of non-English speaking Venezuelan students in English as Second Language training and college.

As a safety professional, Medina continued his service by serving as a BCSP Board Member, contributing to the American Society of Safety Engineers' (ASSE) Safety Professionals and the Latino Workforce (SPALW) common interest group, and as a Board Member on the United States Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board.

Also inducted into the CEAT Hall of Fame were engineers Robert Schaefer and Rick Webb. Read more about all of these distinguished professionals on the OSU website.

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New Certificant Video on the Value of Certification

Colan Holmes - Friday, September 13, 2013
Bob DeHart, CSP shares what being a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) means to him, and how the certification affects his work as a SH&E professional in the petrochemical field.

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CET Certification's Examination to be Updated February 1, 2014

Colan Holmes - Thursday, August 22, 2013
The Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer (CET®) examination will be updated on February 1, 2014. The examination will change to reflect the results of the 2013 CET role delineation study, a study done to ensure BCSP certifications represent the needs of the SH&E profession.

While the examination will expand from 110 questions to a total of 200, the basic content of its blueprint is similar. However, the new examination blueprint is more detailed than the prior blueprint, which should help those considering taking the test better assess their readiness by providing additional insight into the core competencies the examination measures.

A copy of the new CET blueprint can now be found on the CET webpage.

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Connect on eSafetySource

Colan Holmes - Wednesday, August 14, 2013
"Hello. I work for a law firm and I'm looking for someone to help me with a case where someone was injured on the job. Is there some way you could connect me with one of your safety professionals?"

Before eSafetySource provided a platform for BCSP certificants to create professional profiles I would have had to tell this person that BCSP does not release the contact information of its certificants -- even if they would have welcomed his call. Instead, I was able to point him to the online resource's search function.

"It even has an option for expert witness. Wow! Thanks. This is great!"

In that brief phone conversation I got a glimpse of how useful eSafetySource is for safety professionals and those seeking their expertise. The eSafetySource website allows safety professionals to enroll and create a unique and customizable profile that showcases their specialties, accomplishments, and other information. When a user saves their profile, the eSafetySource program includes them among the results of a comprehensive search.

If you are looking for a safety expert, or would like to share your safety knowledge, use eSafetySource.

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New Unique BCSP eNewsletters

Colan Holmes - Wednesday, July 24, 2013
BCSP is rolling out two new eNewsletters, the Partners eNewsletter and Collegiate eNewsletter, which you may sign up to receive.

The BCSP Partners eNewsletter is an eNewsletter designed to share information about organizations which play a part in advancing the safety profession. In it you will find news from our sponsoring organizations, resources from collaborative efforts, and perspectives from companies using BCSP certifications.

The BCSP Collegiate eNewsletter is for SH&E professors, students, and those otherwise interested in SH&E education. The eNewsletter seeks to create a greater connection between growing safety knowledge and everyday practice.

Each eNewsletter is sent twice a year. To receive either issue, you may subscribe online

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Celebrate Safety Excellence at the 2013 Award of Excellence Ceremony

Colan Holmes - Wednesday, June 05, 2013
Several outstanding safety professionals will receive BCSP Awards of Excellence (AoEs) for their dedication to advancing safety, health and environmental (SH&E) practice at the fast approaching 2013 Award of Excellence ceremony.

The identities of this year's AoE recipients will be revealed for the first time at the ceremony itself, to take place at the American Society of Safety Engineers' (ASSE's) Safety 2013 PDC, on June 27, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. To attend, conference goers must register for the Thursday luncheon with ASSE.

The Award of Excellence recognizes the contributions of CHSTs, OHSTs, and CSPs in advancing the safety profession, honoring them for their exceptional commitment. "To walk out on the stage and receive the award, have my name announced to the audience of 800, see and feel the award, is beyond description," said Henry Smahlik, CSP, CIH, one of the 2012 CSP AoE recipients.

If you are attending Safety 2013, we hope you join us in celebrating safety excellence.

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