BCSP Professional Advancement Mentor Program

The satisfaction one gains from helping someone else succeed is a great personal reward. Over the years, many CSPs, OHSTs, CHSTs, STSs, and CETs have encouraged, assisted or required fellow safety professionals, colleagues, or peers to pursue certification as a means to advancing their careers. Created specifically to recognize their role in assisting the career development of others, the mentor program helps bring current credential holders and those looking to pursue certification together.

The mentor program rewards those who become mentors and ensure safety professionals who perform quality work are certified. By filling out the Professional Advancement Mentor Form, we recognize sponsors and their work with their peers, colleagues and other safety professionals. 

Here's how it works:

1. Mentors should download and complete a Mentor Form and give it to a peer, colleague or other safety practitioner who may benefit from pursuing the CSP, OHST, CHST, STS, or CET – the mentee.

2. Have the mentee complete the Applicant portion and submit the form with their certification application. The form must accompany their application. After the application is accepted, BCSP will list the Mentor and Mentee in our Mentoring database. 

Mentors will be publicly recognized in material published by BCSP. Mentors who sponsor multiple applicants may earn a logo product based on the number of applicants they mentor and their certification. It's a thank you for your work in helping promote professionalism in the safety industry.

We look forward to recognizing your contribution to the advancement of the safety profession through the achievement of others.

Please note: Mentoring will only be recognized if done in addition to regular work activity.

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Contact Mentors

The following credential holders volunteer as mentors and can answer questions you might have:

Frank J. Cruice, CSP, Salisbury, MD:

Robert Dubose, CSP, Missouri City, TX (Houston Area):

Heather Earl, CSP, Winter Haven, FL:

Paul English, CSP, Richmond, KY:

Ashok Garlapati, CSP, Kuwait:

Rob Gruhot, CSP, Rockville, MD:

Vincent Ho, CSP, Hong Kong (Asia):

Michael F. Lorenzo, CSP, Denver, CO:

Dan Napier, CSP, Manhattan Beach, CA:

Bill Parker, CHST, Goodrich,MI:

Ravi. B. Tammanur, CSP, CIH, Kuwait: